05 November 2021
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On December 7, a new comedy series starring Nina Proll will start on ServusTV. "Aus die Maus" consists of eight self-contained episodes, all of which were shot in Tyrol. This is a home game, so to speak, for the director and the leading actress, as Nina Proll has lived in Telfs-Pfaffenhofen for a long time and Uli Brée (author of Vorstadtweiber!) has found his adopted home in Mieming. Also on board is Nina's husband, Gregor Bloéb, as well as other well-known cast members such as Maria Furtwängler, Ralf Bauer or Lisa-Maria Sexl. Reason enough for us to ask Nina, Gregor and Uli a few questions and find out more about their connection to the Innsbruck region!
Spoiler alert! There are tickets to the premiere in Innsbruck to be won. More info below.


Once she was a celebrated serial actress... but now Bianca (Nina Proll) works in a pet funeral parlor. And that, although she actually has no heart for animals. In Uli Brée's new series, Bianca meets a wide variety of pet owners and learns not only a lot about living and dying, but also about herself. Each of the episodes features a different style (from western to adventure to soap opera). Uli Brée didn't want to tell us which of the episodes became the director's favorite episode (all of them!). But he did tell us that he already had Tirol in mind when writing the script: "The beauty of this thing, I think, is this mixture of actually whimsical stories and not the usual "heile Welt Heimatgeschichten" and combination with these unique backdrops. And that's what makes it so special!" he told my colleague in the interview.


Born in the Waldviertel region of Austria, she moved to Vienna when she was twelve and only relocated to Tyrol when she was 34, after the birth of her son. We wanted to know whether she feels more comfortable in the city or in the country? "Since I know both, I actually felt comfortable in Tyrol at the second. I admit, the mountains had an extreme effect on me at the beginning, also partly constricting. But also fascinating. In the meantime, I feel incredibly comfortable and can't imagine living in the city anymore," she says .

Nina moved to Tyrol to be with her husband Gregor Bloéb, who also has a role in the series and whom we were allowed to interview afterwards. So it's no wonder that the actress associates Innsbruck directly with her husband, because "without him I wouldn't be here. I never imagined that one day I would end up in Tyrol, but now I am very happy"


Since we have Nina in front of the microphone, we want to know more about her Tyrolean connection right away. Where and during which activity can you really breathe deeply and feel so free? "In the meadows of the Inn. I often run or walk along the Inn. Or I use the Inn cycle path, which runs for miles along the Inn. I also like to go out into the forest right by our place. I don't go to a summit that often, so only sometimes. It's enough for me to walk uphill in the forest for one or two hours, I can switch off really well. In winter, of course, I go ski touring. The first Christmas present from my husband were touring skis and I still use them now. That's actually what I love doing the most: going up with the skis and then skiing down once."

So, if you're out and about in the Innsbruck region this winter, chances are you'll meet the actor-couple off the slopes. Or perhaps in a hut, as Nina's favourite Tyrolean dishes include Kaspressknödel and Schlutzkrapfen, she tells us. At home, thanks to her husband's fallow deer breeding, there is also often game, which he prepares very well himself.


What makes the Innsbruck region stand out for you as a film location?
I think you just have to look at the colourful houses for a moment and then lift your eyes: this incredible scenery. That's what totally flashed me on my first visit: this combination of architecture, the incredible structure of the mountains and then the river meandering through - that's unique, you don't see that every day I think Innsbruck is great. I once played here at the Landestheater. There's actually everything here, it's just smaller than in Vienna. There's theater, cabaret, cinema, clubs - you have everything you need to be happy."
That's what we like to hear. But now back to the actual topic of the interview: the new series. So how was the shoot for Nina? "It was great. I've never shot in Tyrol since I've lived in the Innsbruck region and I've always had to travel. That was a great gift, that I could go home every night after the shoot and also see my kids. Great."
And what does such a preparation for daily filming look like? Nina: "I read the books (in this case 8) three times and see what images come up in me. What does this character look like, how does she speak - dialect or High German, how does she dress, how does she put on make-up. And then during the shoot I prepare relatively little. I learn the text the night before. I fall asleep with the text and the next day at make-up or rehearsal, that's when I learn it. I then remember it best through the choreography on set."
Were you able to identify with the role of Bianca?
Nina: "Uli wrote the role like it was made for me, so there were a lot of things in it that really suited me. The attitude with which the character goes through life, what she finds funny, that she can't do that much with animals but is forced to do this job... If I couldn't act anymore for some reason and was forced to take such a job - I think I would feel the same."


The Tyrolean actor Gregor Bloéb is - as already mentioned and widely known - also Nina's husband. Already half a year before the shooting the actor couple met privately with the scriptwriter again and again and prepared themselves for the roles. We were also allowed to ask him a few questions about his connection to Innsbruck, which we don't want to withhold from you.
What do you like about the region and the city of Innsbruck?
Gregor: "Apart from the fact that I naturally have the heaviest feelings of home, the leisure activities on offer are excellent... The older I get, the more I enjoy the immediate surroundings of the mountains and forests. Because I can suddenly occupy myself with myself alone, and I couldn't do that before. That's why I always look for such places and places where I like to be."
Where can people find you then?
"On the Hohe Munde at the very, very back, where it's shady!" laughs Gregor
Where do you like to go when you have visitors? What do you show them then?
"We like to go on little alpine hikes with visitors, depending on how fit my visitors are. Sometimes also by bike or to a lake."

Here is the whole interview:

We would like to thank the three of them for the interview and finally we have a competition for all of you who want to see the new series as soon as possible AND want to combine it with a trip to Innsbruck!


Innsbruck Tourismus is giving away 5 x 2 tickets to the premiere of Aus die Maus on Sunday morning, 28.11.2021.

The prize in detail:

  • 5 x 2 premiere tickets for 28 November 2021
  • followed by brunch with meet & greet. With: Nina Proll, Gregor Bloéb and screenwriter Uli Brée
  • Goodie bag with cool surprises

To enter the competition, simply answer the competition question on the competition website and register via the form. The closing date for entries is 14 November 2021.


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