05 August 2014
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“Still the young day’s gaze flees the misty gray peaks of the mountains, and already, measured beat, the first crow is floating away from their top.”

Christian Morgenstern
The air is clear and cool, slowly the contours of the environment become clearer, the moon gives way and a soft glow appears at the end of the sky. Sunrises have something magical about them and have fascinated us since time immemorial. They are even more beautiful in the mountains, when the fresh daylight makes more mountain scenery shine in colour second by second, the wind picks up a little and the animal and plant life awakens.

Es gibt keinen besseren Grund früh aufstehen, als ein wunderschöner Sonnenaufgang in den Bergen.

There is no better reason to get up early than a beautiful sunrise in the mountains.

Around Innsbruck there are several places where the sunrise can be observed particularly well. Whether it is preceded by a morning hike, an overnight stay in one of the huts or in a tent is up to you. The best time of the year is the beginning of autumn, on clear days you can see infinitely far and the yellow of the sun appears even more saturated. But also in spring and summer the sunrise is an impressive experience. Sometimes even despite clouds and fog.

Four sunrises over Innsbruck:

Pfriemeswand – doable for everyone

Gemütlich den Abend auf dem Birgitzköpfelhaus ausklingen lassen.

Leisurely end the evening on the Birgitzköpfelhaus.

The easiest way to see the sunrise over Innsbruck is to take the chairlift from the Axamer Lizum car park to the Birgitzköpflhaus in the afternoon. Here you can enjoy the view of the mountains and the sunset from the terrace with a cool Radler. The overnight stay costs 22 €. In the morning you get up about 30-40 minutes before sunrise and hike with a few meters difference in altitude to the Pfriemeswand, where a kind of bench under the cross is already waiting for sun worshippers. The way back is either the same way or down to Mutters via the reservoir.

Sonne, Gipfelkreuz und ein Sitzplatz. Im Hintergrund: der Gipfel der Nockspitze.

Sun, summit cross and a place to sit. In the background: the summit of the Nockspitze.

Nockspitze – short, crisp ascent

The Saile, as the Nockspitze is actually called, is the perfect mountain near town for night hikers. The approximately 1000 meters in altitude are overcome in 2 ½ hours, the path is well paved. At the summit cross, with a bit of luck, a flock of sheep awaits visitors. The starting point is also the Axamer Lizum car park. Descent either on the same path or for safe hikers via the Ost-Steig with magnificent views of Innsbruck. Those who want to spare their knees can take the chairlift from the Birgitzköpflhaus from 8:00. Of course, you can also spend the night here, in which case it is only about 50 minutes to the summit of the Nockspitze.

Die Schafe schließen sich uns für ein Stück der Wanderung an.

The sheep join us for part of the hike.

Felsiger Abstieg über die Pfriemeswand.

Rocky descent over the Pfriemeswand.

Am Weg vom Gipfel genießen wir die wärmenden Sonnenstrahlen.

On the way down from the summit, the warming rays of sunlight bathe the mountain in a yellow hue.

Serles – the classic

The somewhat more demanding classic for a sunrise hike from Innsbruck. From Maria Waldrast it takes about 2.5 – 3 hours to reach the summit. On nice weekends you are rarely alone, but during the week you can have the mountain to yourself in the morning.

Auch bei Nebel können Sonnenaufgänge wunderschön sein.

Sunrises can be beautiful even in fog.

Nordkette – above the roofs of the city

You can’t get any closer to the city than here. Photographer Christoph Malin captured his overnight stay here beautifully. In his“Adventures after dark” video you get an even better impression of what such a night in winter above the city probably looks like. For now, we’d rather recommend summer adventures..

Sonnenaufgang vom langen Sattel aus, Nordkette.

Sunrise from the long saddle, Nordkette.

Have you ever enjoyed a sunrise with a view of Innsbruck?

If not, with these great offers you can surely experience one or the other unforgettable moment on the mountains around Innsbruck and its holiday villages.

All photos, unless otherwise indicated: Lea Hajner

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